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Are you unsure which is the best wood flooring finish to choose?
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Floor finishes are liquids which are applied to a resilient tile floor and dry to a hard, durable and smooth film. This film is about the thickness of waxed paper and is expected to protect and extend the life of the floor while providing an attractive appearance and slip resistant surface. High quality floor finishes may contain as many as twenty-five ingredients.


In the wood flooring industry stain has a very narrow meaning: it refers to solid particles of pigment suspended in a solvent, applied to wood in order to darken or change its natural colour.
Staining a floor adds colour and brings out a different look and texture to the hardwood floors. There are many different colours of stains.So as to help our clients make the right choice we provide actual samples on the wood floors which gives a better indication of the final finish.




Varnish is a transparent,hard,protective finish or film primarily used in wood finishing as well as for other materials.Varnish is traditionally a combination of drying oil,resin,thinner or solvent.Varnish has a little or no colour with no added pigments,as opposed to paints or wood stains,which contain pigment and generally range from opaque to translucent.Varnishes are olso applied over wood stains as a final step to achieve a film for gloss and protection.


Lacquer is a clear or coloured wood finish that dries by solvent evaporation or a curing process that produces a hard,durable finish.This finish can be further polished as required.

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