Mind The Gap!

The most two common ways of gaps filling


The weather can wreak havoc on more than the exterior of your home.As humidity rises up and falls,it is common for gaps to form and appear.Gaps are caused by the wood expanding and cotracting.Hard wood takes on and loses moisture as the temperatures and humidity rise and fall.


There are many ways that people can use to have the gaps filled on their floors. We are going to mention only the most common, quick and simple ways which we use at the time of floor sanding and restoration.


– Sawdust resin:


We use the sawdust from the floor that we have to restore, mix with filler(free of colour) and insert it into the gaps. By doing that we are able to match the colour of the floor.


We recommend to our clients not to use this method for gaps wider than four millimetres     


– Reclaimed pine slivers:


This method is only for gaps wider than four millimeters and it is mainly used for pine floorings. Using wood slivers is one of the best methods for filling the gaps. Before the wood strips are hammered to the gaps, we apply an amount of glue that allow the slivers to stick to the floorboards, as we let it dry overnight.